Sam Crawford

Photographer in Newport, world traveler, and keen surfer, I’m Sam Crawford and I want to inspire storytellers to create their own memories around my legacy of ocean art and landscape photography. The bulk of my work is influenced by immersing myself in nature and exploring my affinity with the ocean.


Originally from Melbourne, I’ve chased the waves and warmer weather up from the East Coast of Australia on through South America. For you, sticking your toes in the sand might mean feeling the carpet beneath your feet and taking pride in a home you’ve worked your whole life for. Let your safe space be a place to escape and create lasting moments.


There is nothing better than the clarity I feel capturing a shot that I know will be authentic and raw; a slice of time. I hope my work pulls people into the image and, for a moment, transports them to another place.

Anyone with an appreciation of aesthetics will love looking at these high quality art prints on their wall without worrying if the colors will fade as time does.